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Someone Managed to Make Sense8 Even Gayer and Sexier—You're Welcome

Someone Managed to Make Sense8 Even Gayer and Sexier—You're Welcome

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Putting the "8" back in Sense8

Last year, Netflix's Sense8 was remarkable for a few reasons, the most marketable being the steaming hot piles of naked man-candy sprinkled throughout the first season. Tensions came to a head when the Sensates--a group of eight telepaths around the world inextricably linked to one another--took part in a pansexual orgy.


While the Wachowski siblings' series is wrapping up a troubled production on season two, adult entertainment studio took the creative liberty to make their own follow-up. And in keeping with the spirit of the source material, it's hot AF.

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Of course, it would've been hotter with Miguel Angel Silvestre, but you can say that about anything.


And I do. Repeatedly. However, unlike the source material, there's little to no ethnic diversity, but it's gay porn so that's par for the lily-white course.

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"When I saw the Sense8 orgy, I knew the scene tapped into a primal fantasy," director Alter Sin told HuffPo. "We wanted to create an experience where gay men could imagine what it's like to be inside the bodies of other men, and feel the sensations of seven other guys simultaneously."

I know that game. Check out the trailer for's Sense8 parody below:

Meanwhile, would it have killed them to come up with a halfway decent pun for the title, like Sense8.5? But I guess something as clever as Fuckemon Go[link totally not safe for twerk] only comes along but once in a blue-balls moon.

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