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The Simpsons Endorse Hillary, Show Trump Reading Book by Hitler in New Clip

The Simpsons Endorse Hillary, Show Trump Reading Book by Hitler in New Clip

The Simpsons, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton

"And Elizabeth Warren tweets too damn much. Glad I exiled her." 

Now that the nominees are set for both parties and there are less than 100 days until the November general election, we're in crunch time.

We know where a lot of news pundits, celebrities, and (sigh) all of our Facebook friends stand on the issues and candidates. Even if they don't make legitimate endorsements, it's pretty easy to tell how people are going to vote in this polarizing election, and the team behind The Simpsons is one of the most recent pop culture drivers to weigh in.

In the clip, Marge has to stop Homer mid-kiss and confess that she just can't make love until she decides who to vote for. Homer turns on the TV to a faux political ad saying, "It's 3 a.m. and the phone is ringing in the White House. Who do you want to answer that call? Hillary Clinton, or Donald Trump?"

After Bill is the first to pick up the phone thinking it's for him (muscle memory, guys) he sags when it's for Hillary saying, "Oh, it's for you." Hillary, who sleeps in a pajama pants suit and pearls (naturally) takes the phone from him and says, "Yes, from now on it's always for me."

Trump, however, ignores the call the first time it comes through so he can finish his latest tweet bashing Elizabeth Warren, which has probably actually already happened. Once he finally does answer the phone he calls in his makeup team for a quick spray tan, the affixing of his dog-toupee, and the slipping on of his human-sized hands. Of course, by then it's too late and a Chinese fleet is advancing on the United States. Trump's response? Build another wall, duh. Then it's just Trump, alone in bed again with his best friend snuggled next to him - his copy of Great Speeches by Adolf Hitler. Watch below.

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