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Tom Daley Identifies Famous Abs With Tyler Oakley


Olympian Tom Daley appeared on a recent episode of Tyler Oakley's new web show to talk about fame, fans, and, of obvz, hot bodies.

When asked if he's had any crazy fans send things to him, Daley revealed, "I've had underwear sent to me before."

In a game of "Whose Abs?," Daley was asked to identify photos of famous abdominals, competing to guess faster than Oakley. Tom was quickly and gleefully able to identify Justin Bieber's tatted torso...

Screen Shot 2016 11 29 At 4.21.53 Pm

...but the two were stumped, and, frankly, confused, by Matt Lauer's trunk.

Screen Shot 2016 11 29 At 4.17.15 Pm

"Could do with a wax, or a shave, or something," Daley said of Lauer's figure, explaining he's not into body hair.

Check out the full clip below, which also features hottie Scott Eastwood:

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