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The Set of the Ab Fab Movie Was a Drunken Sh-tshow—Because, Of Course

The Set of the Ab Fab Movie Was a Drunken Sh-tshow—Because, Of Course

Kate Moss ab fab

Production was reportedly getting boozily "out of hand."

Sometimes art imitates life, other times life imitates art, but all of the time, people just like to get hammered.

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Everyone was having a real good time filming the Absolutely Fabulous movie--too good a time, apparently. The film shot for seven weeks in the UK and the south of France last year, during which producers had to ask the cast and crew to stop boozing it up while on the clock.

ab fab drunk gif

"Cast and crew were acting like Patsy and Edina, there was lots and lots of partying," a source told The Mirror. "It was getting so out of hand producers had to remind everyone that while they didn't mind them drinking after the cameras stopped rolling, during filming was a big no-no."

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ab fab

What a bunch of party poopers. Have they not heard of method acting? Or method makeup and costuming? Or method dolly gripping? It's the Ab Fab movie, for Patsy's sake, how do producers expect magic if everyone is sober and lucid? Especially when this is a typical day at the office:

Omw to work on a sunday

A photo posted by Edie Campbell (@ediebcampbell) on

The Ab Fab movie follows Edina and Patsy after they are blamed for a major incident at a fashionable launch party and become targets of the paparazzi. Penniless, they flee to the French Riviera in hopes of making their escape permanent.

Kate Moss, pictured ladylike filming in the Thames late last year, is just one of the many surprise guest stars creator Jennifer Saunders dug up for the highly-anticipated cinematic adaptation of the iconic British series.

"Everyone had a blast," the source continued. "There are still a lot of celebrities who haven't been revealed and when their names come out people will understand why it is so funny."

ab fab drunk gif

It's just a shame no one will remember making it.

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