WATCH: YouTube Makes Us Cry With Joy For 85th Time Today

Proud To Love

As if we weren’t already crying tears of joy, YouTube has just shattered our hearts with a beautiful and touching new video bringing together different clips supporting the LGBT community. The medley, called #ProudToLove, features coming out videos, footage of gay weddings, interviews, and lots and lots of hugs.

YouTube has long been a platform for gay issues. Because of the site, LGBT individuals have the power to tell their stories to anyone with internet access. With just a simple search, users can watch celebrities and Average Joes alike come out, discuss transitioning, or even just share opinions on issues like, oh, I don’t know… gay marriage?

Today, YouTube thanks all those who have helped fight this long, grueling battle towards marriage equality simply by sharing their stories online. And in honor of that gratitude, their #ProudToLove video showcases just how poweful those stories can be.

Check out the weep-worthy compilation below:

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