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10 Signs Poe Dameron May Be Gay 

10 Signs Poe Dameron May Be Gay

poe dameron
Phot Courtesy of Disney

He spends an awful lot of time in the cockpit...

It's been two weeks since Star Wars: The Force Awakens hit theaters, and by now, you've probably heard all the theories. The most popular theory seems to be that Poe and Finn are the new Anakin and Padme. The idea of the Star Wars universe acquiring its first queer character has blown up throughout gay geekdom.

Oscar Isaac even seemed to hint at the romance on Ellen:

"I think it's a very subtle romance that's happening. You know, you just have to look very close. You have to watch it a few times to see the little hints."

With fan fiction and theories of the blossoming romance taking hold of the Internet, we have our own ideas.

Here are 10 things about Poe Dameron that made our gaydar go off:

1. He's searching the galaxy for a guy with his own island.

Aren't we all? Granted, this guy is a Jedi who could bring down the First Order.

2. He has a strong threshold for pain.

And maybe he doesn't mind the bondage that Kylo Ren has him in. You say interrogation, he says foreplay.

3. He can convert guys.

To the light side, that is. Aren't we all just living in our own little Storm Trooper closet until we accept who we are?


4. BB8 is the cutest accessory in the galaxy.

It's like a little rolling Jack Spade bag with the latest iOS. I'll bet he can get Grindr.


5. He gives Finn his jacket.

The best relationship advice I've heard is to find someone the same size as you. You'll immediately double your wardrobe.

poe finn

6. He also gives Finn his name.

Perhaps he'll suggest Dameron as his last name?

7. He practically jumps into Finn's arms.

It's like that scene in The Notebook, but in a galaxy far, far away.

8. The Resistance is totally gay.

Han Solo may have shot first. But Poe basically threw the first brick at the Starkiller Base.

poe dameron

9. He has the utmost respect for women in power.



10. That hair!

It's not the standard military buzz cut. Yet, it manages to stay perfectly coiffed even under a helmet at the height of battle.

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