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Billy Eichner Defends Sex and the City 2, Plays Reindeer or Sex App With Sarah Jessica Parker

Billy Eichner, Sarah Jessica Parker

Billy Eichner invited the one and only Sarah Jessica Parker to join him on Billy on the Street, ostensibly to play a game called “Santa’s Reindeer or Sex App.” That was all well and good, but the real reason he brought her on was to vent his frustration at the vitriol hurled at Sex and the City 2.

Billy blames the bros out there, saying the show so acutely dissected and examined straight men that they jumped at the chance to pile on. 

He even dragged his science fiction loving friend into it.

“I have one guy, a friend of mine, who’s into sci-fi, who’s like ‘oh it’s not believable, they go to the middle east.’ You can’t believe they go to the Middle East but you believe in fucking Chewbacca? You fucking turd…You’ll believe anything that happens on some planet George Lucas made up but you can’t believe Kim Cattrall would film for a few weeks in Morocco?”

Anyway, he and SJP played a rousing game of “Santa’s Reindeer or Sex App” (exactly what it sounds like) and she walked away with a Tickle Me L. Ron Hubbard doll, which I assume is the hottest toy this christmas if you live on Freewinds. 

Check out the clip below:  

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