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Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen: 100% Not Doing It


Just good friends, sorry guys.

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper are pretty close friends. Cooper's been on Watch What Happens Live, the pair hang out frequently, and they're even touring together on the AC2 speaking tour, offering people "an intimate evening with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen." It's not too much of a stretch to think that perhaps now or in the past the duo had boned.

So when model/actress/singer Amber Rose got the chance to grill Cohen on his own show, she asked what we've all been wondering for years: "Are you and Anderson Cooper fucking?"

After taking a sec to compose himself, Cohen answered a definitive "no."

"No, we've never done a thing," affirmed Cohen. "We've never even kissed."

"We were set up on a blind date over 20 years ago in the early 90s and it never took. We spoke on the phone once and he said that he could -- I thought the call went great but he said that he could picture me wildly gesticulating and it turned him off. So we never went out but we became great friends. But we've never done a thing. We've never seen each other naked or anything."

So there you have it: Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen -- totally not fucking.

Watch the clip of Cohen explaining his relationship with Cooper below:

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