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Remembering Gay 9/11 Heroes Mychal Judge & Mark Bingham

These gay men's names live on after losing their lives helping others.

4 Steps That Will Get You Through a Political Thanksgiving in Peace

Researchers have identified four steps to engaging with people who don't see eye-to-eye with you.

mychal judge

Remembering Gay 9/11 Heroes Mychal Judge and Mark Bingham

Gay men’s names live on after losing their lives helping others.

UPDATE: Conservative Calls Buttigieg ‘Pete Buttplug’ in Anti-Gay Rant

Dave Daubenmire, an anti-LGBTQ+ personality, wants to “make homosexuality unthinkable again.”

Here's How Trump's Food Stamps Rollback Impacts LGBTQ+ People

One in four LGB adults have used the SNAP system.

Taxpayers Will Pay Gilead $6 Million for Trump's 'Free PrEP' Plan

The program could also cost uninsured people up to $1,000 per year.

New Jersey Set to Become Eighth State Banning 'Gay Panic' Defense

After languishing for half a decade, the bill appears likely to become law in the next few months.

Florida Dad Abandoned Child on Roadside for Watching Gay Porn

The child was left without food or water.


Brazilian Woman Sentenced to 25 Years for Killing Gay Son

Itaberli Lozano was stabbed to death and his body burned in a field.

Cop Sues After Being Disciplined for Coming Out to Youth

He says that he was passed over for promotion due to his earlier complaints.


Pete Buttigieg Just Scored His Best Poll Numbers Ever

But is the Buttigieg Surge for real?

Utah Just Took a Major Step Toward Banning Conversion Therapy

A new rule will limit the harmful practice but not ban it outright.

SoulCycle CEO Resigns Following Boycott Over Trump Fundraiser

One of the company’s investors raised $13 million for Trump’s re-election. 

Lesbian Widow Sues Government For Refusing to Recognize Relationship

She is seeking spousal benefits following her late partner's death.

Roy Moore Wants to Make Gay Sex Illegal Again

The disgraced former judge plans to run for the U.S. Senate in 2020. 

28 Percent of Millennials Avoid Hugging People Living With HIV

Research shows widespread ignorance and lack of education among young people.

Meet the First Out Trans Woman to Win a Rhodes Scholarship

The recipient will attend Oxford for two years with all expenses paid.

Robert De Niro Backs Buttigieg: 'Best for What We Need'

The actor believes that “people from other ethnic groups can identify with him, even if they’re not gay.”

New York Is on Track to End HIV Epidemic by Next Year

Better access to PrEP, services for undocumented residents, and ending stigma are part of the solution for ending the epidemic.