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Stephanie’s Child Is the Singing Girl Group Taking Drag to the Next Level

Stephanie’s Child Is the Singing Girl Group Taking Drag to the Next Level


These ladies won't be lip-syncing anytime soon.

Shout any song from the audience, and if all three drag queens on stage know the tune, they'll break out into three-part harmony instantaneously. No rehearsing. No blowing of any pitch pipe. No "Hold on, let's try this again." Even if one of the queens doesn't know the lyrics, she'll mumble along, on-pitch, while her sisters belt out the words.

The sheer talent of every single member of the trio is unreal, and in an era where we're oversaturated with drag queens, these ladies are unlike any other queens you've ever heard.

Stephanie's Child is the name of their girl group, and assembled just over a year ago, the threesome has already taken NYC and the world by storm.

The beautiful daughters of Stephanie include Jansport, Rose, and Lagoona Bloo. Each of them have been singing for over two decades -- all professionally trained by colleges and vocal coaches.

They've already performed at numerous Pride festivals across the United States and beyond. They headlined London Pride with Alyssa Edwards and opened for the one and only Alaska Thunderfuck 5000.

But all of their accomplishments pale to performing on last year's season finale of The Voice with pop icon Jessie J.

"The Voice was a childhood dream come true," Jansport told OUT. "Growing up all I wanted to do was sing for millions of people, and long story short, through the most amazing, rewarding, and educational experience of my life, that dream became a reality."

"I remember every single second of those four minutes," Rose said. "Every breath, every footstep. People's faces in the crowd below us."

But what you didn't get to see during their Voice performance was their comedic banter. These ladies can not only bring the house down -- hitting notes only a few tucked queens can reach -- they will also have you on the floor with their side-splitting improv. It's clear that these three men in wigs are constantly having fun on stage, in rehearsal, and outside of any official Stephanie's Child capacity.

"We are BEST friends," Lagoona Bloo made clear. "I adore Jan and Rose with all my heart because they truly are like sisters."

"You're basically paying to watch us hang out," Rose continued. "We just happen to have been rehearsing and perfecting music for hours prior and are dripping in cohesive couture."

The ladies will share embarrassing stories of the other two members. They'll even break out into improvised songs on stage, with lyrics about God even knows what. One lady uses an uncommon word, and before you know it, they're all singing about "hubris" while walking around in one big circle.

Interestingly, drag seemingly chose each member of Stephanie's Child. Growing up, these flamboyant gay men all dreamed of becoming actors, thespians, or opera singers, but found drag in a bizarre twist of fate.

After working regionally and internationally for a few years after college as an actor, backup singer, and musical arranger, Rose attempted to find a medium that combined all three of his passions.

"I am astounded to have discovered that the key to unlocking and living this dream was and is to dare to embrace my ultimate fantasy: dressing up as a woman."

Lagoona was also solidly getting booked as an actor and singer, but transitioned into drag after landing the role of a drag queen named Kiera Tightly in a new musical.

"During rehearsals I fell in love with drag, the quality of movement, the sound of voice, everything about this character felt natural," Lagoona explained.

Img_5774-1For the first time ever while on stage, there was no need for Lagoona to "act masculine," and after the show, she found herself yearning for more drag. She continued to work as an actor for the rest of the year while still playing with make up and slowly beginning to build a closet of dresses from H&M and Rainbow.

"I never believed that drag would ever become a reality for me, but when it clicked, it was like a dusty lightbulb finally being turned on."

She finally made the transition to drag after rehearsal for one of her shows, when the director said, "You are such a great actor, David. You are so funny, so talented, but stop acting, just say the lines as fast as you can."

That was the final straw and when Lagoona decided to pursue drag full time. "I've never looked back, and I'm the happiest and most successful I've ever been in my life."

So what's next for the unstoppable girl group, who in such a short time has made a huge name for themselves?

Original music. That was the first thing all three queens mentioned when I asked them what we can expect to see from them next.

"We decided early on that rather than branding ourselves as drag queens who sing pop music, our aim is to be pop stars who happen to be drag queens." Rose said. "Everybody always asks us when we are going to release original music."

That's their plan for the upcoming year. In the past 12 months, Stephanie's Child became a viral sensation, made history singing with one of our favorite artists on network television, and traveled the world sharing their gift of song.

"Year two is for originality and elevation. We don't see an ultimate destination within our journey together. We just see a bright light before us, and it's purple, blue, and pink."

Stephanie's Child has a monthly show at The Green Room 42 in Manhattan.

Follow the ladies on Instagram:

Stephanie's Child @childofstephanie

Jan Sport @jansportnyc
Rose @rosewithanaccent
Lagoona Bloo @lagoonabloonyc

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