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The Cast of I Am Cait on Privilege, Visibility, & Writing Their Own Stories

The Cast of I Am Cait on Privilege, Visibility, & Writing Their Own Stories

I Am Cait

“For so many years, we’ve had things written for us that weren’t from us, that didn’t reflect how our true lives really are."

Photography by Emily Shur. From left: Chandi Moore, Caitlyn Jenner, and Ella Giselle. Jenner Hair: Courtney Nanson. Jenner Makeup: Kip Zachary for Cloutier. Giselle and Moore Hair: Patrick Chai for Exclusive Artists. giselle and moore Makeup: Anton for Exclusive Artists. Photographed at Cactus Cube Studio on August 12, 2016

"People have been so accepting, and my transition has certainly not been normal by any means," says Caitlyn Jenner, the star of I Am Cait and a figure who, over the series' two seasons, has earned the admiration of viewers who might have ignored a similar docuseries about a lesser-known woman. As the highest-profile person ever to transition in the public eye, Jenner is adamant that her journey is unique, and that she's not a spokesperson for all trans women. "I'm very blessed," she says. "It's been extraordinarily rewarding, just to wake up in the morning and be yourself and have people be accepting of that."

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"It is becoming a normal thing to see Laverne Cox and everyone else doing so many things in Hollywood," says Ella Giselle, a recent high school graduate who joined the cast in the show's second season. "As time goes on, it'll just be no big deal." Being part of I Am Cait boosted co-star Chandi Moore's visibility and opportunities too, and since the show's much-anticipated premiere she's become an ambassador for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. "For so many years, we've had things written for us that weren't from us, that didn't reflect how our true lives really are," says Moore. "So being able to be a part of that whole change, and see it with my own eyes, is so amazing."

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