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Los Angeles' 28th Annual GLAAD Awards Celebrated Intersectionality

Featuring Troye Sivan, Trevante Rhodes, Mary J. Blige, Patricia Arquette and more.

A Private Dinner with Patricia Arquette Honoring Alexis Arquette’s Legacy

The evening brought focus to the Alexis Arquette Family Foundation, which supports "grassroots groups that don’t get the support they need."

How Transparent Became the Most Trans-Inclusive Show in Hollywood History

"We've employed over 50 trans and gender-nonconforming people as either crew members or as actors with speaking roles."

The Cast of I Am Cait on Privilege, Visibility, & Writing Their Own Stories

“For so many years, we’ve had things written for us that weren’t from us, that didn’t reflect how our true lives really are."

Her Story Brings Determination & Clarity to Trans Representation On Screen

“I can’t expect others to create the stories, roles, and opportunities we need, and the stakes are too high to wait for that day to come."

Meet the TRNK Guys, Revolutionizing Interior Design

How Tariq Dixon and Nick Nemecheck built a community for modern-home enthusiasts

5 Great Furniture Pieces at TRNK

A man with good taste should have no problem feeling at home, or shopping for it.