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Video: Ungrateful Homophobe Soils Pants After Exploding Boat Rescue

Video: Ungrateful Homophobe Soils Pants After Exploding Boat Rescue

Video: Ungrateful Homophobe Poops Pants After Exploding Boat Rescue

The bully seafarers had earlier taken offense to the Pride flags flown by their eventual rescuers, and hurled slurs before their circling boat exploded into flames.

Just moments after they had harassed and hurled gay slurs at a group of LGBTQ+ boaters, a group of homophobes had to be pulled from the water by the targets of their abuse after their own boat exploded and burst into flames. Twitter user @retro_ushi_ posted pictures and video of the incident (which took place on Moses Lake, Washington,over the holiday weekend) showing the bully boaters circling and making waves before the video cuts to the boat in flames and the homophobes crying out for help from the water. One of the rescued apparently defecated in his shorts because he was so scared.

"These people harassed my family because we were flying gay pride flags in Moses Lake Washington, by racing around us and shouting gay slurs," the post read. "Then, their boat literally blew up!"

According to their profile, the poster, 32, is BIPOC, identifies as transgender, and is also an avid 420 furry. They and their friends were boating on Moses Lake in central Washington when they encountered another boat filled with folks who took offense to their various Pride flags. The now-viral video first posted to TikTok showed the group circling close and fast, making waves, hurling slurs, with one young lady defiantly raising her middle finger at the queer boaters.

The video cuts and then shows the boat engulfed in flames and the obnoxious boaters frantically swimming towards the queer boaters screaming for help. After being pulled from the water, the homophobic bunch continued their inconsiderate ways, with one man pulling out a miraculously rescued vape pen on a boat full of asthmatics while another sat on the stern of the boat, humiliated by the copious amounts of waste he allegedly expelled out of fear in the midst of the ordeal.

"And just ONE more tidbit to really drive the karma in there," @retro_ushi tweeted. "The driver literally sh*t his pants and everyone saw when his shorts fell off in the water."

By the time the authorities arrived to help extinguish the flames, the boat was already destroyed. Newsweek reported the poster believes the boat caught fire "because they were driving around us so roughly, they either damaged their carburetor or took in water and stalled" and then the accumulated fumes ignited when they tried to take off at a high rate of speed. Newsweek also reported the rescued suffered injuries during the ordeal, but provided no further information.

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