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This TikToker's Mom Banned Frog Shirts Because 'All Frogs Are Gay'

This TikToker's Mom Banned Frog Shirts Because 'All Frogs Are Gay'


This is news to us...

It's not easy being green.

A young TikToker recently posted videos on their account showing their mother ranting about her belief that frogs are gay, and forbidding her lesbian daughter from wearing clothing portraying the likeness of the green amphibians.

In a series of videos secretly recorded by user J (@jameslunet), the mother is shown ranting against allegedly LGBTQ+ frogs.

"The frogs are gay," the mother says while dutifully folding clothes, apparently directly her declarative statement to a male (possibly J's father) off-camera. "Did you know?"

"Can you elaborate on that?" asks the TikToker J, although the mother's response was unclear as she responded while bending over with her backside facing the camera.

Moments later, the mother declares: "All of your frog t-shirts have a gay saying on them."

"They don't!" J answered back. "They're just frogs. All of my t-shirts have frogs on them and they don't have anything else."

"Are you going to believe her or are you going to believe me?" asks the mother to the male off-screen.

At this point, an intellectual dispute erupts between the mother and J's apparent father off-camera about the latent homosexuality of frogs and whether they serve as a dog whistle for impressionable youth. Finally, mother and apparent father agree that all shirts will be reviewed by dad to determine the level of LGBTQ+ propaganda and brainwashing contained on each frog (and Care Bear) shirt in J's wardrobe.

"All of my Care Bears and frog clothing is being policed now," said an exasperated J, resulting in laughter from her parents and signaling that maybe, just maybe, all hope is not lost for this family.

A quick review of J's wardrobe in another video did reveal an extensive collection of potentially LGBTQ-inducing frog attire.

J's mother perhaps could use a lesson from the parents of TikToker user Sabrina Bailey who used the platform and a rainbow cake to come out to her parents.

"It's like a multicolored cake!" Bailey's mother exclaims in the video that went viral earlier this year during Pride Month.

"Yeah, it's supposed to look like the lesbian flag as part of my coming out to tell you guys that I'm gay," Bailey replied.

"Awesome, good job honey! Congratulations," Bailey's mother says without hesitation as she kisses and hugs her daughter. "Oh honey, we love you!"

Meanwhile, there remains no word from Kermit the Frog confirming his sexual identity.

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