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Study: Adopting a Dog Makes LGBTQ+ Couples' Relationships Stronger

gay family with dog

In news that surprises absolutely no one (except for maybe Devoted Cat Lesbians), a new study by pet-sitting website found that adopting a dog improves LGBTQ+ couples’ relationships. Unhappy couples, get yourselves to the pound!

As the Australian LGBTQ+ website QNews was the first to report, Rover’s survey found that two-thirds of gay, lesbian, and bisexual couples said adopting a dog together made their relationship “stronger,” while another 56 percent said they spend more time together after getting a dog than they did before.

Because gays do everything better, the study also found that 21 percent of queer couples had a “pet-nup” in place in case the relationship didn’t work out, compared to only 12 percent of straight couples.

If you’ve been looking for that final push to convince your boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner of any other gender that you should get a dog together, show them this study. Thank me later. One caveat, however: The study found that 17 percent of couples said they had a decrease in their sex lives due to their dog sleeping in bed with them. But that sounds like a straight people problem to me.

The study didn’t say which breeds were the best at making their owner’s relationship better, but my money is on Pitbulls, Chihuahuas, and any and every dog you find at a kill shelter, so go and adopt today. It’ll improve your relationship, science says so.

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