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A Woman Died in a Gender Reveal-Related Explosion

A Woman Died in a Gender Reveal Party-Related Explosion

Despite the fact that gender reveal parties keep ending in tragedy, cis people keep having them! Sadly, Out must report that the gender reveal industrial complex has claimed yet another victim. A 56-year-old Iowa woman is dead after a gender reveal-related explosion. 

The Des Moines Register reports that Marion County Sheriff's Office officials were called to the scene of an explosion that left the unnamed woman dead. Upon further investigation, the cause of death was found to be a piece of debris, which “flew through the air, reportedly hitting the victim and severely wounding her,” according to Fox News

Gender reveal parties have a longstanding tradition of backfiring, often literally. There is a disturbing catalog of gender reveal fails ranging from dads getting hit in the face with colored baseballs to fireworks sending onlookers running in terror. And of course, we must never forget the border agent whose gender reveal explosion caused an $8.2 million forest fire. And while not all gender reveals result in death or the destruction of property, they’re just...dumb and offensive, because they perpetuate gender stereotypes and don’t seem to take into account the reality that not everyone identifies with the gender they’re assigned at birth. On top of all of that, the woman credited with creating them doesn’t even believe in them anymore!

And some gender reveals are just wrong, like one earlier this year in which a baby doll representing a couple’s unborn child was revealed to have an adult-sized penis, signifying that the sex had been assigned as male. What? Why?! Cis folks, you need to stop doing this. People are literally dying.

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