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Nearly Half of Queer Millennials Are Still in the Closet

Almost Half of Queer Millennials Are Still in the Closet

In 2018, it may seem that coming out has become a natural process for many LGBTQ people. But many are struggling to face their truth.

A new Australian study released by ABC found that nearly half of LGBTQ millennials have not come out. The survey found that of 11,000 Australians between 18 and 29, 47 percent have come out to themselves but not to others. A similar study by the HRC recently found that 46 percent of LGBTQ people in the US hide their sexuality at their place of employment.

The ABC study also found that lesbians are most likely to come out, with 86 percent having done so. Gay men followed close behind, with 83 percent having come out. And bisexual men are least likely to come out, with only 40 percent, just behind bisexual women, with 48 percent.

Given Australia's recent progress with marriage equality, these statistics will hopefully grow as the country faces more social progress.

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