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Maine Is Third State to Approve of Third Gender on State-Issued Licenses and ID Cards

Maine issue third gender

Following in the footsteps of Oregon and California, Maine will be the third state in the U.S. to offer a third, gender non-binary option on official state driver’s licenses and ID cards.

In June 2017, a South Portland resident filed a complaint with the Maine Human Rights Commision. They requested a gender non-binary marking be issued on their state license. The complaint was denied due to computer limitations.

This week, however, the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles was able to come to a historic agreement with the Maine Human Rights Commission.

As of yesterday any Maine resident is able to apply for a sticker from the Maine BMV, reading, "Gender has been changed to X – non-binary." This sticker is a temporary fix until July 2019, where a system upgrade will allow the BMV to print driver’s licenses and ID cards with three gender options: “M” “F” or “X.”


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