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Chelsea Handler & Jimmy Kimmel Tweet Homophobic Jokes

Chelsea Handler & Jimmy Kimmel Tweet Homophobic Jokes

This week, both Chelsea Handler and Jimmy Kimmel used their huge social platforms to take swipes at conservative political leaders and influences. Handler took a jab at Attorney General Jeff Sessions while Kimmel set his sights on Fox News talking head Sean Hannity.

Both of these jokes demonstrate the last hold-out of liberal homophobia: bottom shaming. By calling these powerful Right Wing men bottoms, these paragons of rational white liberal humor cash in on the social stigma that men who enjoy receptive penetrative anal sex are weak and unmanly. It's a cheap shot, one that does almost nothing to actually criticize Sessions and Hannity's politics and instead reinforces the stigma against men who bottom, which is simply thinly-veiled homophobia.

Handler and Kimmel are both rich, white heterosexual comedians who claim to support the LGBT community, yet their attempts to emasculate those who they see as unfit by calling them bottoms prove just how pervasive homophobia is, even among the most liberal comedians.

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