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A Malaysian Newspaper Printed a Checklist for Spotting Gay People


It’s 2018 and the gays are among us! But fear not – thanks to the Malaysian newspaper Sinar Harian, you’ll be able to spot any potential homosexuals. The newspaper printed a highly criticized bulleted list detailing traits of gay men and lesbians.

According to The Guardian, the list states that gay men can be identified by: “their love of beards, going to the gym – not for exercise but to check out other men – and branded clothing. Their eyes light up when they see handsome men.”

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And if you’re worried about likely lesbians, make sure to keep an eye out for women “that tend to hug each other, hold hands, and belittle men.”

Though the article seems silly and antiquated, the fears of Malaysian LGBTQ individuals are very real, with homosexuality being outlawed by a colonial-era sodomy law that includes a 20-year prison sentence.

Arwind Kumar, one of Malaysia’s biggest social media names and an LGBTQ activist had scathing words for the publication. “There are much more important issues in this country which need to be addressed,” he said. “If you really want to educate society then explain to them the traits of a pedophile, a molester, a murderer, a kidnapper, people who actually endanger the lives of others. How the hell does a gay person endanger your life?”

See Kumar’s video response below, and read the full Guardian article, here

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