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Don Lemon: 'The President of the United States is Racist'

Don Lemon
Dennis Van Tine/STAR MAX/IPx

It was part of an impassioned rebuke of Trump's "sh*thole countries" comment. 

CNN anchor Don Lemon has had enough of Donald Trump's shit. On CNN Tonight with Don Lemon last night, he opened his show with the biggest mic drop of the year saying: "This is CNN Tonight, I'm Don Lemon. The President of the United States is racist. A lot of us already knew that."

Luckily for everyone watching, he didn't actually drop a mic and walk away. He kept going. As he passionately explained to the captivated audience, Donald Trump calling African countries and Haiti "shitholes" was just one new instance in a long, long trend towards making racist remarks. This is where we remind you that on his literal first day running for president, he called Mexicans "rapists."

As Lemon explained, "For years, I and others have been trying to tell you, the American people, that this man was exhibiting bigoted behavior. I asked him about it a number of times but he denied it and kept up the racist rhetoric on the campaign, and now, while he's in the White House."

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He continued: "His supporters made excuses, continue to make excuses for them. Some of them, people I personally know. Some of them are his friends, as a matter of fact, and I can hear them now telling me 'Oh, Don, Donald didn't mean that. Donald isn't a racist.' Or just people who don't know him: 'I don't think, I think it was taken out of context, I'm not sure.' How many examples do you need of this? He is a racist."

His advice for the people who continue to defend him? Well, he "couldn't say that." Instead, he offered that they "can go read a book, a history book. Because you might learn that people from some of those 'shithole' countries were slaves who were brought here by force to help build this country and then start your learning process from there."

Meanwhile, Trump denied making the comment despite the White House saying, yeah, you actually did say that. Welcome to American politics. It's just as insane as last year.

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