Bruce Weber Denies Harassment Allegations Over Instagram

Andy Kropa/ AP Photo

Last month, fashion photographer Bruce Weber came under fire after being accused of sexual assault by model Jason Boyce, who filed a complaint to the New York State Supreme Court about an incident that occurred at a casting in 2014.

The complaint specified that Weber had locked Boyce in a room at the back of his studio, kissed him, put his fingers in his mouth, and had Boyce remove his clothing and underwear. The complaint also alleges Weber guided Boyce's hand to touch both of their genitals and, according to the report in New York Post, that he told Boyce, “If you just had confidence, you’d go really far,” and asked him “How far do you want to make it? How ambitious are you?”

Boyce sued for $2 million in damages, and was joined by another model, Mark Ricketson, who came forward and described a similar encounter with Weber happening to him when he was 18, USA Today reports.

These accusations were made in early December, but until now, Weber has declined to comment on the models' words at all. Today, he posted this denial of all claims to Instagram:

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