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Piers Morgan Can't Stop Making Hateful Comments About Gender Fluidity

Piers Morgan Can't Stop Making Hateful Comments About Gender Fluidity

Piers Morgan
Vianney Le Caer/AP

The TV host is steadfast in his bigotry toward gender fluid and non-binary folks. 

In news that should surprise literally nobody living on this planet, Piers Morgan said something ignorant today. After an article ran on Gay Star Newsdetailing his long history of reveling in ignorance over gender fluidity and non-binary people, he took to Twitter to stand firm in his bigotry against the subset of the LGBTQ community that very much exists.

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Before we get to that, though, here's a basic refresher about gender and sex, which are separate things. As explained by Medical News Today, "sex" refers to the biological differences between people, while "gender" refers to the socially constructed identities prescribes to babies when they're born, based on their "sex." The problem with this process is that biological sex has traditionally been limited to male or female despite biological sex existing on a spectrum. Gender itself is a fabricated idea used to box people into defined societal roles.

This is where the gender fluid and non-binary community comes in. People who describe themselves by these labels don't feel confined to one or the other. Some days they feel more like a "male," other days they feel more "female," and sometimes they don't feel like either.

The fact is, gender identity is a spectrum, but that's a concept that seems to confound Morgan. In the past, as the article highlights, he has called gender non-conforming people "confused" and called the identity a "fad." He's mockingly said he identifies as trans, an elephant and Spongebob. He's called non-binary kids in schools a "contagion" and said only "two or three" transgender kids committed suicide last year in Britain, despite evidence that 40 percent of trans youth have attempted suicide.

In response to the article, Morgan did what he does best and continued to bask in his witlessness, tweeting that he has "a problem with non-binary gender neutral/fluid bulls**t." We're not quite sure why Morgan has made this his one-person crusade, but all we can do now is use his hate speech--and the hateful jokes of other failed comedians like Lil Duvall--as a reminder of the strength we have as a community united.

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