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Rolling Stone Asks: ‘Why Can’t Justin Trudeau Be Our President?’ 

Rolling Stone Asks: ‘Why Can’t Justin Trudeau Be Our President?’

Justin Trudeau
Associated Press

No, but really. 

Take us back to the simpler, kinder days, where Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau were the most envied political bromance on the planet and transgender Americans weren't dehumanized by their president in a series of tweets.

After this morning's callous and exclusionary tweets from Donald Trump, Rolling Stone fittingly unveiled their next cover: aforementioned Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau with the cover line, "Why can't he be our president?"

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Aside from the obvious issues of citizenship and the fact that we do, in fact, begrudgingly have a president in office. But that doesn't stop writer Stephen Rodrick from extolling Trudeau's virtues and throwing casual shade Donald Trump's way: "He speaks in a modulated, indoor voice," he writes. "His dark hair is a color found in nature. At home, there is a glamorous wife and three photogenic children, still not old enough to warm his seat at next week's G-20 summit or be involved in an espionage scandal."

Trudeau, for his part, touches on the most glaring of Trump's highly publicized feuds: the one with the press. "The back and forth between the press and government is essential to any good democracy," he says. "When you're at your best, it reminds us and challenges us to be at ours. So thank you for your tireless work."

No, thank you Mr. Trudeau. For reminding us that a professional, caring world leader looks like.

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