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U.S. College Creates, Implements First Trans Scholarship

Transgender Flag

MiraCosta College, a community college in California, is the first school in the country to offer a scholarship dedicated to supporting the trans community. 

The idea for the scholarship, which amounts to $1,000 per student, originated in 2015, when the school's Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) decided to organize funding to start a Trans Pride Scholarship. According to PinkNewsthe group was able to successfully raise $26,535.

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MiraCosta's scholarship is available for both students who identity as trans, as well as students who prove they are engaged within the trans community. The school will notably not require proof of an applicant's "trans-ness."

"To ask someone how they identify could unfairly out them and put them in an uncomfortable position and even potentially further victimise or marginalise them," a MiraCosta GSA member told PinkNews, "So, questioning someone absolutely will not be done. It is inappropriate and it broaches confidentiality and privacy issues."

The school has made clear that they want to promote and foster an inclusive, accepting campus culture. GSA Faculty Co-Adviser Steven Deineh said in a statement, "Anyone, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression is welcome to attend or work for MiraCosta College."

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