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Chechen Authorities Issue Ultimatum to Parents: Kill Your Gay Children or We Will 


The latest chilling revelation to come out of the anti-gay purge happening in Chechnya comes from survivors of the torture camps set up by the government to detain gay men: parents are being told to kill their gay children.

According to Pink News, one survivor reports that the parents of gay men are being told to “sort it out” or authorities will use their own methods.

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“They tell the parents to kill their child,” the survivor told France 24, “they say, ‘either do it, or we will.’” The murder of their gay children is framed as giving parents a chance to retain and reclaim their family’s honor.

As reports continue to illustrate the dangers faced by gay men in Chechnya, the Russian government still denies any evidence existing of the attacks. According to the Associated Press, Vladimir Putin’s Press Secretary, Dmitry Peskov, claims there is no proof of the purge.

Watch France 24's report, including a survivor's testimony, below.

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