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Gay Russian TikTokers Arrested, One Deported for 'LGBTQ+ Propaganda'

Gela Gogishvili and his boyfriend Haoyang Xu were recently arrested for their TikToks and YouTube videos.

Russia Censored Jennifer Coolidge's Iconic 'White Lotus' S2 Scene

Censorship definitely makes things worse.

Brittney Griner's Russian Prison Saga: Everything You Need to Know

The out WNBA star and basketball icon had a long, harrowing ordeal with the Russian court system.

Anti-LGBTQ+ Russian Propagandist Launches 'I'm Not Gay' Reality Show

Plot twist: the show is very, very gay.

Hackers Put Vladimir Putin in Drag for Meme, Posted on National TV

The Gay Clown Putin meme was repurposed by hackers with an anti-war message in all the colors of the rainbow.

'Eternals' Director Chloé Zhao Hopes Film Isn't Censored Overseas

Eternals features Marvel's first gay superhero, and Zhao wants to make sure everyone sees that.

'The Eternals' Got An 18+ Rating in Russia for Featuring Gay Superhero

This will be the first Marvel film to be rated anything higher than 16+ in the country.

Teens Held a Mock Execution of a Gay Man in Front of a Live Audience

The skit used antigay slurs and outraged both the audience and organizers.

Tom Daley Perfectly Responded to Homophobic Russian TV Hosts

The hateful hosts referred to the Olympic champion as a "British homosexual" after his second medal win at this year's Olympic games.

Russian TV Hosts Mocked LGBTQ+ Olympians With Wigs, Slurs

Some took particular issue with transgender Team New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard.

A Russian Printer Thinks BTS Pictures Are 'Gay Propaganda'

The owner reportedly declined an order featuring the popular K-pop group, suggesting the band was too "overtly gay" and "a threat to children."

Shirtless Men at Russian Award Show Spark Gay Propaganda Investigation

Russia has strict, anti-gay morality laws, and a recent stunt from Dava and Filipp Kirkorov might have violated them. 

Film with Gay Sex Scene Dropped From Moscow Film Fest

The creator said he believes the film "scared" organizers.

Russian Officials Detain, Return 2 Gay Men to Chechen Authorities

The two men had escaped torture in the republic for their LGBTQ+ activism and running an opposition Telegram channel.

Gay Artist Flies Giant Pride Flag Over The Kremlin in Russia

Talk about getting a message across.

U.S. Finally Sanctions Chechnya's Leader After "Gay Purge"

Ramzan Kadyrov reportedly orchestrated the human rights abuses within the Russian-controlled territory.

Putin Makes Good on Promised LGBTQ+ Crackdown

New legislation will ban LGBTQ+ adoptions and close loophole allowing recognition of same-sex unions registered abroad.

Rainbow Ice Cream Accused of 'Gay Propaganda' in Russia

But the owners assert that they are just as homophobic as anyone else.

U.S. Embassy in Russia Raises Pride Flag In Defiance of Homophobia

It comes as the country votes to further institutional and systemic anti-LGBTQ+ practices.

European Officials Pressure Russia to End Chechnya’s Gay Purge

It's the first meeting of its kind since reports of kidnappings, torture, and murders ramped up in the region.