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Queer Brown Podcast Food 4 Thot Teams with Grindr for New Season

Food 4 Thot

Within a month of launching, Food 4 Thot, the brainchild of four thotty queers of color, had catapulted up the charts and become a viral sensation. “We always thought we were too niche, too trash, too queer, too brown to exist in the white straight mediascape of audio,” explained Fran Tirado, Food 4 Thot co-host and Executive Editor of Hello Mr., over email. But it’s within this trashy, queer, brown podcast that fans found a voice often lacking in LGBTQ media.

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Alongside Tirado, the hosts include Tommy “Teebs” Pico, a critically acclaimed indigenous American poet and author; writer and MacDowell Fellow Dennis Norris II; and scientist-memoirist Joseph Osmundson. Together, they spent a season crafting something they’ve self-described as “NPR on poppers,” which is a fitting descriptor for a series that deals with sex, relationships, race, and reading.

With a first season under their belts, the hosts are preparing for their return to the airwaves with a few big, gay surprises. For the first time ever, the Thots are heading to Grindr and INTO, their new LGBTQ lifestyle magazine, to make Food 4 Thot the first ever podcast to stream on the hookup app. For Tirado, the move was a natural progression for the political, sex-positive podcast. Along with the obvious ability to log in and get off, Grindr has evolved into a platform for taking on everything from the Chechnya genocide against LGBTQ people to the presidency—it was only months ago that they sent busloads of activists to D.C. to protest against Donald Trump.

Thots In Grindr

Photography: Michael George

It’s this last point that gets to the heart of why Food 4 Thot has become an essential platform for queer brown people. When we asked Tirado about how the podcast, which regularly refers to Trump as everything from a “Buttplug-in-Chief” to  a “KKK Goblin King,” has changed in the face of this overtly anti-LGBTQ administration, he was quick to point out the important of their mission: “The podcast feels like a direct response to the current administration–it’s a political act.”

As the hosts prepare to launch Season 2 on December 10th, they let slip a small tease of what we can expect to hear. Alongside an exciting array of queer thots of color and “thot-on-the-street interviews,” we should buckle in for a heavy dose of “totally, completely uncensored thottery,” which is something we can all get behind.

If you can’t wait until December 10th to get your Food 4 Thot fix, you can join the Thots live at the Bell House this Sunday with Comedy Central star Joel Kim Booster. Grab your tickets here.  Subscribe to Food 4 Thots here and get ready for a thotty season 2. 

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