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EXCLUSIVE: Can We Compare the Civil Rights and LGBT Movements?


VICE on HBO tackles social issues without hesitation, interviewing fascinating subjects and filming poignant documentary to illuminate the relevant debates of our time. In “Church and States,” the series’ latest episode premiering this Friday on HBO at 11pm EST, VICE correspondent Gianna Toboni explores how it's legally acceptable to refuse service to LGBT people even after the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide. Viewers will hear from families and leaders who navigate this socially split landscape, as well as from supporters of religious freedom laws. 

In this exclusive clip, Toboni sits down with Senator Cory Booker to discuss the LGBT movement in light of the Civil Rights Movement. When asked whether comparing the two movements is fair, Booker quoted his parents: “The Civil Rights Movement was not about black justice, it was about American justice.”

Watch below and tune in to see the full episode on Friday at 11pm EST on HBO.

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