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Attacker of 75-Year-Old Gay Man: 'My New President Says We Can Kill All You F*ggots Now'

75 year old gay man attacked by Trump Supporter
ABC News

Trump's presidential victory is at the root of yet another attack.

75-year-old Chuck Redding of Sarasota, Florida was attacked outside his house on Monday night by a violent Trump supporter.

The attacker tailed Redding closely after he had dropped off a friend. Redding thought he was just "a jerk that was following too close," but realized that something was wrong after being followed onto his own street.

When Redding parked in front of his neighbor's house, the attacker jumped out of his car and started banging furiously on Redding's window. He then forced the door open and threw Redding onto the pavement.

Though the attacker fled the scene quickly, he left Redding with a bruised arm, cut hands, scraped knee, and a fractured toe. ABC News reports that the attacker saw Redding's rainbow marriage equality bumper stickers and reacted violently.

"You know, my new president says we can kill all you faggots now," said the attacker before he ran off. Redding is openly gay, but has never been attacked like this before. "It's absolutely horrendous," he said.

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