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Inclusive Indiana Church Vandalized, Spray Painted 'Heil Trump, F** Church'


An inclusive Episcopal Church in Indiana was the target of a hate crime sometime Saturday evening. 

The church walls were spray painted with a swastika and the phrase "Heil Trump, fag," among other slurs, The Indy Star reports

"We must be doing something right," priest Kelsey Hutto said. "We stated one time that doing the right thing was not always the popular thing. We were targeted for a reason, and in our mind it was for a good reason."

The event comes less than a week after the election results which sparking riots, marches, and varying reactions nationwide. 

Hutto also expressed her feelings in a Facebook post

We will continue to live out our beliefs and acceptance of all people and respecting the dignity of every human being. We pray for the perpetrators as well as those who the derogatory marks were directed at. This act was an act of separation. Separation of us from each other and a separation from God which is the definition of a sin. We pray for unification with God, with God's people and with ourselves.

Watch a report on the incident below:

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