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WATCH: Lesbian Woman Reflects on Being Disowned by Adoptive Parents


In part three of Eric Kruszewski’s documentary series on the LGBT community within Saint Matthew’s Catholic Church, we are introduced to GiGi, a woman who was disowned by her adoptive parents when she came out as a lesbian.

Gigi candidly expresses her disappointment and hurt. “[I thought I was] going to have new parents who [were] going to love me for myself, and take care of me, and protect me.”

Since then, however, Gigi has found community at St. Matthews and companionship. “When I met Ashley my whole life changed. It’s so cliché…I feel like I see God through her.”

Watch Gigi’s story below:

GigiMASTER_09.10 from Eric Kruszewski on Vimeo.

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Check back tomorrow for a video about a former nun and her wife who are now considering leaving the Church because they're not accepted by the Vatican.

About Eric Kruszewski

Eric Kruszewski is an editorial photographer and videographer based in Washington, D.C. A native of Baltimore, Maryland, his documentary and journalism work focuses on people who have undergone transitions in life, individuals and groups who are marginalized by society, and unique subcultures that might not receive mainstream attention. Currently, Kruszewski is working on a long-term project in his hometown about the disappearance of steel manufacturing and its trickle-down effect on individuals and families. You can follow Kruszewski at @erickruszewski on Twitter and Instagram, and at www.erickruszewski.com.

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