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Saint Matthew Catholic Church

WATCH: Catholic Father Supports LGBT Community

Father Joe is changing his congregation's stance on homosexuality. 

Catholic Mother Regrets Disowning Her Gay Son

“My husband got very angry and asked David to leave. I was torn between my husband and my child.”

WATCH: Catholic Kenyan Man Speaks Out in Support of LGBT Community

"We have to find a way to give [LGBT people] everything they need."

WATCH: Married Lesbian Couple Decide to Leave the Church

Now Rachel and Vania have to reconsider Catholocism. 

WATCH: Lesbian Woman Reflects on Being Disowned by Adoptive Parents

But when she met her girlfriend her "whole life changed."

WATCH: Gay Dads Baptize Their Daughter

“It’s important for both of us that Rosie grow up in the Church,” says one of the dads.

WATCH: Inside A LGBT-Friendly Catholic Church

Documentary filmmaker Eric Kruszewski shows that being Catholic and being gay are not mutually exclusive.