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Watch Dove Cameron's Sexy, Queer-Gazey Music Video for 'Boyfriend'

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“I wanted it to feel like a real queer love story that you saw unfolding,” the singer tells Out. “I wanted it to feel sexy, but from a queer woman's perspective, not male gaze."

When Dove Cameron sings, "I can be a better boyfriend than him, I can do the stuff that he never did, up all night I won't quit," you know she means it.

Now that she also has a music video for the viral song about the delights of sapphic dating, she can show us even more just how serious she is about her boyfriend skills.

The song has been quickly embraced by lesbians and other queers on TikTok. There, sapphics used the song's powerful beat drop to drop their sexiest thirst traps, showing all the girls that they can be a better boyfriend than any man ever could.

The track was actually inspired by a real encounter with a woman at last year's New York Fashion Week. And while Cameron doesn't want to spill any names, she's happy to talk about the inciting incident, and how much it affected her.

"The song itself is like a story within a story, hence the opening lyrics of, 'I can't believe we're finally alone. I can't believe I almost went home. What are the chances everyone's dancing, and he's not with you?' There's a whole lot that led up to that," she tells Out. "The lyrics sound casual, and they are not, is all I'm going to say. But it's not only a very specific recount of a night, it's also just an amalgamation of growing up queer and the horrible, painful, longing for a girl who's in a relationship or pining after or interested in a man, who can't see the fullness and the magic of who this woman is."

In crafting the video, Cameron wanted to focus on a specifically queer type of love. "I wanted it to feel like a real queer love story that you saw unfolding," she says. "I wanted it to feel sexy, but from a queer woman's perspective, not male gaze. And I wanted it to feel authentic. I wanted you to feel the energy between these two women."

Cameron feels a sense of freedom in making such queer art, something she didn't always feel as someone who has been in the spotlight since she was very young. "This whole experience has really taught me a lot about where I limit myself and the kind of compartmentalization I've done that actually inhibits my own creative process," Cameron says about releasing this song and video.

"I think at a young age, I just made this invisible decision, on my own, that my queerness really had no place in my career," she continues. "Because I was inhabiting so many different characters, I didn't even have time to think about who I was and how I was going to communicate that with the world around me. That wasn't even on my list of things to do. It was mostly just surviving and getting the work done."

"And so, I think that when I wrote 'Boyfriend,' it was so casual, and easy, the quickest song I've ever written was 'Boyfriend.' And I think that's just a testament to how natural it is to me to write as a queer human being," she adds.

But just because this is her first explicitly gay song doesn't mean her work up til now has been straight. "Every song I've ever released is obviously from a queer perspective because I'm queer," Cameron reminds us. "But this is the first one that has been blatantly and loudly queer. And I think that accident of me writing this song and having it grassroots blow up on the internet and then the label scrambling to put it out has just been really informative for me."

"It's like, Okay, I can occupy this space," she continues. "And it's safe, and I'm allowed to be the fullness of who I am, and I can survive it. And not only that, but I can create from there, and it can go well."

She also wants to empower others with her music and videos.

"I think that we don't talk about that enough: how to get into your sexual energy and your power and your body, which is so the opposite of shameful," Cameron says. "Literally, there's so much power and ancient, divine wisdom in the body, which is exactly linked to sexuality. And not attraction, but your own sexual energy. I think that songs and videos and visuals that make you feel connected to that and empower you to be the full breadth of your humanity is so important these days. And I really hope that people feel that, and they feel connected to themselves when they watch it."

Cameron also gave us a little tease about what else we can expect from her upcoming EP. "A lot of my EP is going to be inspired by a lot of the male, flamboyant villain characters that I saw myself in and wanted to be growing up as a little girl," she says. "And now, I get to inhabit those worlds and create those worlds within my music."

Watch Dove Cameron's sexy and divinely feminine music video for "Boyfriend" below.

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