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Mitski Just Gave Us a New Single & Announced Her New Album Laurel Hell

Mitski Just Gave Us a New Single & Announced Her New Album Laurel Hell


The album comes out in February, so expect a Sad Girl Spring.

Every dyke's favorite singer Mitski is back with another hard-hitting, dance-heavy song, and this time, she's announced an album along with it.

The singer released her new song and video "The Only Heartbreaker" today, and we can't stop listening to the '80s-infused track about recognizing the harm that you've caused.

Again, Mitski knows exactly where to hit us to give us the biggest feelings. "I'll be the only heartbreaker," she sings. "So I'll be the loser in this game. I'll be the bad guy in the play." It's a feeling we all know. We've all been the bad guy in a relationship, and no one can describe it quite like Mitksi.

This is the second single from her upcoming album that Mitski has released, following the terrific "Working for the Knife." While both songs feature '80s synths and beats, the lyrics and tone are just as dark as you'd expect from the "Best American Girl" singer.

In an interview with Apple Music 1's Zane Lowe, Mitski also announced the title of her upcoming LP, Laurel Hell.

In the interview, she said she's been working on the album since 2018, and while it's currently filled with '80s dance sounds, it originally was a country record, and then a punk record.

"And then towards the end, just because we were mixing during the pandemic and I just got this feeling, even though a lot of the songs are sad and this one is, as well, I need something that's peppy, that's this feeling of we are doing well," she said. "And I thought, okay, the eighties, eighties dance, right when everyone was in that bubble and everyone was feeling great. Everyone just needed a pick me up, including myself. I just needed something that was like, I just need to dance."

She also explained the origin of the title Laurel Hell (which will be her sixth album), saying it comes from an Appalachian term describing dense thickets of laurel bushes where people become stuck. "And so the thing is, laurel flowers are so pretty," Mitski said. "They just burst into these explosions of just beauty. And I just, I liked the notion of being stuck inside this explosion of flowers and perhaps even dying within one of them."

You can preorder the album on vinyl, cassette, or CD, and get exclusive Laurel Hell merch now on Mitski's official website. Albums will be shipped the week of February 4, 2022.

Watch the video for "The Only Heartbreaker" below.

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