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Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa Team Up for Steamy, Trashy 'Prisoner' Video

Dua Lipa licking Miley Cyrus' face in the "Prisoner" music video

If you weren’t already on board with rock era Miley, you better hop on now, because this train isn’t stopping. In fact, it’s only picking up speed. In its latest installment: Miley Cyrus has released the searing, trash-cinema-channeling music video for her song “Prisoner” featuring Dua Lipa.

Directed by Cyrus and Alana O’Herlihy, the video opens with Rocky Horror-esque lips singing along with the dark and driving lyrics. Everything is seen through a spooky and edgy filter featuring spiderwebs and old VHS effects. It's dirty and hot and tons of trashy fun.

Cyrus and Lipa are a deadly duo driving fast and reckless in the video, eventually taking off their clothes and hanging all over while they sing “why can’t you, why can’t you just let me go” to each other. Things are already getting steamy when Miley grabs a jar of cherries and soon she looks like she’s covered in blood and sweat and sex. What follows is licking, biting, and lots of heavy petting.

The two then perform the song in a dilapidated club, vamping for the crowd and for the camera. It’s all delightfully 80’s rock kitsch.

Sorry, my lesbian ass got distracted by Miley Cyrus covered in cherry blood, but this song is a bop!! It’s edgy and fierce and has a cool 80s synth rock sound — this could be Depeche Mode at their best. Cyrus’s rock rasp wonderfully contrasts with Lipa’s smooth and rich voice, and the beat sounds like it was written by John Carpenter for a horror movie he never filmed.

Make sure you stay seated for a special post credit scene when we see the iconic queen of trash, Divine, as Dawn Davenport in the John Waters classic Female Trouble proudly saying “I’m a free woman now and my life is ready to begin.” And you can tell, Miley really is ready to start a whole new era.

“Prisoner” is the second single off Miley’s upcoming album Plastic Hearts, following the hit song “Midnight Sky.” Plastic Hearts comes out November 27, and with these two strong singles, it’s sure to be one of Miley’s most successful efforts.

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