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Hayley Kiyoko's 'L.O.V.E. Me' is Your New Favorite Lesbian Song

Hayley Kiyoko's 'L.O.V.E. Me' is Your New Favorite Lesbian Song

Hayley Kiyoko

The "Curious" singer is back with another gay track.

Lesbian Jesus Hayley Kiyoko is back with another song off her I'm Too Sensative For This Shit project, called 'L.O.V.E. Me.' This time she's serving us a romantic and yearning boppy track that dares you to jump up and down and say "I love you" out loud in public.

The lyrics in the verses feature some of the strongest romantic yearning Kiyoko's ever written or sung about so far in her career. In lines like "I would go through heaven and hell for you/If you're always honest with me" and "I will throw away all of my revenue/If you swear you'd never leave" you can hear the singer begging her girlfriend to treat her right.

"So girl, don't tell me you love me/if you don't really want me," Kiyoko sings in the chorus. "I'm working through my issues/Yeah I'm gonna kiss you/In front of everybody/That wants to be your honey/If you have a problem/Don't tell me you love me." Hayley, I gotta be real, I think you're more invested in this relationship than she is. You gotta get out of there.

In a statement she said that she's wanted to write this song "for years" and that she's a "big romantic at heart." "'L.O.V.E. Me' captures what it feels like to fall head over heels and want to shout from the rooftops about it," she said. "It's showcasing the classic struggle we sometimes face when someone tells you they love you in private, but is too scared to express that love publicly."

Kiyoko continues to infuse late 90s and early 2000s-era pop sounds into her new project, this time taking cues from the Spice Girls (think "Wannabe"), the Pussycat Dolls, and even Mandy Moore's seminal 1999 hit "Candy." This throwback, hook heavy pop direction is perfect for the performer. Her new songs are more heavily produced, but it's in a way that makes the songs feel more catchy and danceable.

"I hope this song brings some relatability to anyone who is craving that declaration of love," Kiyoko wrote. "L.O.V.E. Me" continues Kiyoko's deep exploration of her feelings and personal issues on her I'm Too Sensitive For This Shit project, which is made up of new songs released between now and January 2020 and a US tour following that.

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