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Natasha Lyonne & Judy Greer Are Hilariously Tortured Hotel Maids in Addicted to Fresno


Whether or not you find Jamie Babbit’s Addicted to Fresno funny sort of depends on your tolerance for witless humor. If, for example, seeing a shower of purple dildos cascading down a laundry chute tickles your funny bone, the rest of this movie might, too. Judy Greer and Natasha Lyonne play sisters whose lives as Fresno hotel maids are upended by Greer’s accidental killing of one of the guests.

What-are-we-gonna-do-with-the body antics follow and, while it’s always a pleasure to watch, Greer, Lyonne, and a host of comedic greats in cameos — including Aubrey Plaza, Molly Shannon, Beth Grant, and Fred Armisen — it really comes down to whether or not a foul-mouthed bar mitzvah boy, a corpse in a laundry cart, or yes, that shower of dildos, works for you. The film recently screened at Outfest in Los Angeles, which means they're certainly hoping for an LGBT audience to take note. An attempt at some heart-warming lesson-learning takes place, but by the time the characters get around to understanding themselves, it may be a bit too late to engage audience emotions.

Addicted to Fresno is in theaters Oct. 2. Watch the NSFW trailer below:

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