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Must-See: Lazy Eye Explores the Power of Love Reunited

Can romance make us see things clearer?

Watch: Add the Words, a Documentary About Social Change in Idaho

Watch activists in one of the nation's most conservative states.

Outfest: Three Foreign Language Films

'Free Fall,' 'Out in the Dark,' and 'In the Name Of' are aching, gripping, sexy stories

Outfest Review: Test

Chris Mason Johnson's film captures 1985, a time of uncertainty when no one knew how to react to an HIV test

Outfest: Continental

This documentary about the New York bathhouse proves there was more to it than Bette Midler infamy

Must-Watch: 'Bridegroom' at Outfest

A documentary explores the heartbreak and loss of one young California couple who were denied marriage equality

Outfest: United in Anger

Jim Hubbard's documentary reveals the inspiring founding of ACT UP

Outfest: Our Paradise

Gael Morel's French-language homicidal hustler movie may be bloody, but it's never boring

Outfest: I Want Your Love

Travis Mathews' film has more explicit sex than many porn titles out there

Outfest Turns 30

The Los Angeles GLBT film fest returns, with three films that focus on disabilities

Preview: Outfest 2011

Preview: Outfest 2010

She's the Man

Audra McDonald

Practically Perfect

One Gay at a Time

Desperate Dishing

The Life of the Party