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natasha lyonne

While everyone is still speculating about her offscreen sexuality, there is no question that actress Natasha Lyonne is comfortable with girl-on-girl action in front of the camera. While most people know her as plucky, sex-hungry, and sincere best-friend-we-wish-we-had Nicky on the Netflix hit show Orange Is The New Black, Lyonne has various other queer roles on her resume, including her breakout in lesbian director Jamie Babbit's iconic 1999 lesbian comedy But I'm A Cheerleader. She has starred on Will & Grace, the 2003 queer film Party Monster, 2013's fabulous gay high school comedy G.B.F., and 2015's lesbian dramedy Addicted to Fresno. Lyonne's filmography is pretty gay, even if she isn't. Follow Out for updates on the hilarious comedienne.

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