Stanley Tucci: Gay for Play

Stanley Tucci in A Little Chaos

Whether informing Anne Hathaway that “a little Crisco and some fishing line” will help her squeeze into a sample size in The Devil Wears Prada, or sneaking into a gay porn theater to murder a judge in The Pelican Brief, Stanley Tucci has always been willing to bring a little ’mo to his method.

In Burlesque, he channeled his inner Joel Grey to play the queer wingman to Cher’s nightclub impresario, and in A Little Chaos, this month’s period drama about a gardener (Kate Winslet) beautifying the grounds of Versailles, he dons a poofy wig and pantaloons as a married duke with a cute male side piece.

Stanley Tucci in A Little Chaos

“I don’t apologize for my fashion,” his Philippe d’Orléans declares upon entrance. Nor does he apologize for anything else. In a bygone era of marriages of convenience and diverse aristocratic appetites, the duke’s wife doesn’t bat an eye at his extracurriculars, and Tucci brings his reliable brand of cheeky pizzazz to the part. 

Co-starring Matthias Schoenaerts as Winslet’s dashing squeeze, A Little Chaos entwines its plot with floral themes. But the highlight is seeing Tucci in full, flamboyant bloom. 

A Little Chaos opens June 26. Watch the trailer below:

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