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Fund This: Feature Film About LGBT Youth, Benefitting LGBT Youth

Fund This: Feature Film About LGBT Youth, Benefitting LGBT Youth

Max Emerson's Indiegogo campaign for "Hooked"

Insta-stud Max Emerson (@maxisms) is working to make this project a reality.

You may recognize Max Emerson (@Maxisms) from his shirtless Instagram posts and underwear-centric YouTube videos, but there's much more to the self-proclaimed international underwear model than his toned physique and cheeky humor.

Emerson recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to fundraise for Hooked, a feature film focused on the daily struggles of homeless LGBT youth. The film will follow Jack, a homeless gay teen prostitute as he navigates the dangerous and gritty streets of Los Angeles and Miami.

Some homeless LGBT youth must go to increasingly desperate lengths to survive, and Emerson's script for Hooked intends to present the violence and injustice those individuals constantly contend with.

As a feature film, the project has a sizable price tag of $150,000, but 50 percent of the profits will go toward charities that support and aid homeless LGBT youth.

The budget will cover the cost of filming in Los Angeles and Miami, while paying for all post-production, transportation, hotel, and crew-related expenses.

In typical crowdfunding style, the Indiegogo campaign offers unique incentives to donate. Many of the incentives are related to the film (i.e. digital copies, signed DVDs, a producing credit, etc.), but some are provided by Emerson, personally--contributing $1,000 will score a pair of his previously worn underwear.

Other incentives include a personalized love note, dinner date, and/or an Instagram shout out to Emerson's 250,000 followers.

Below is the Indiegogo campaign video complete with a shirtless Emerson and a guest appearance by Todrick Hall:

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