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Doritos' New Lesbian Love Story Ad Will Make You Ugly Cry

Doritos' New Lesbian Love Story Ad Will Make You Ugly Cry

Doritos' New Lesbian Love Story Ad Will Make You Ugly Cry
Screengrab via YouTube (Doritos Mexico)

"I would lower the moon and stars for you."

Just ahead of Valentine’s Day, Doritos Mexico has released the fifth installment of their #OrgulloTodoElAño (Pride All Year) campaign, entitled “Bold Love.”

The new ad represents a mix of heartwarming and heartbreaking scenarios as it briefly follows a lesbian couple on a late-night road trip with Doritos as the road snack.

The conversation shifts to the future, and the women discuss how their love conquers their fear of discrimination.

“I would lower the moon and stars for you,” declares the woman in the passenger seat. She then goes on to say she chose her lover regardless of what might happen and how she’d introduce her to her family, even if they all stopped talking to her.

The conversation grows more solemn at the realization, and both women go silent after the passenger says, “I would marry you… even if there weren’t half the guests.”


At that, the ad ends with harrowing statistics like the Survey on Discrimination for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity saying 76 percent of LGBTQ+ community members are afraid to show public signs of affection. 33 percent of the LGBTQ+ community has also experienced workplace discrimination, there are judges who still refuse to marry same sex couples, and 3 out 10 LGBTQ+ folks have been evicted from their homes due to their sexuality.

The ad encourages people to check out Cuenta Conmigo, an LGBTQ+ advocacy site, for more information and ways to help.

Although Mexico approved same-sex marriages last year, adoption and surrogacy access are still pending. The Doritos “Pride All Year” campaign first started out in December 2020 with a Christmas-themed video called “The Best Gift.” After that, they produced similarly heartfelt stories for Mother’s Day, Day of the Dead, and Father’s Day.

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