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This TikToker Had a Crush on a Random Man in a Commercial—Now, They're Engaged


Well this is a Happy Pride story!

TikTok user @whmayo shared one of our favorite love stories we’ve heard in a while in his latest post on the video-sharing platform. (If you don’t believe in true love, get ready, because this TikTok might just make you change your mind!)

“In high school I saw this commercial, it was a Comcast commercial, and it had this red-haired, cute, kind of sweet, goofy guy in it,” whmayo says in the video. “And I remember thinking very specifically that that was the type of guy that I was going to end up with. I’m not sure why I had that instinct, but it just felt right.”

“Flash forward to senior year of college, I move into my first apartment,” he continues. “It’s two units and I meet Ian on the stairs, almost the first day. He’s very cute, he’s very sweet, he’s very charismatic. But I also think he’s straight. Later I found out that he is gay and he actually thinks I’m cute. And I was immediately interested.”

The two went out on some dates, and eventually, whmayo learned that his neighbor, whose name is Ian, was an actor, and when he asked to see his acting reel, there was a familiar commercial on it.

“That commercial was on it, and I’m back on my couch in high school,” he smiles. Then he holds up his hand with an engagement ring on it.

That’s love!!!

After followers asked to see the legendary commercial, whmayo said that his fiance, Ian Scott McGregor, informed him there were “about 300 different versions of that commercial” and so he put together a supercut of them.

McGregor is certainly charming and cute in the commercials, where he does things like make a balloon animal in a fraction of a second, find a needle in a haystack in one try, and make an ice sculpture while saying “sometimes things just come easy.”

He later showed off a clip of his fiance’s more recent work as a voice-over actor in the video game Grand Theft Auto V.

“He’s an actor in a lot of commercials that a lot of people have seen and he has little bit parts in television, and he’s also in video games, and I want to show you the video game he’s in.” He then shows a clip of the character Cletus, a thick-accented redneck who’s been “huntin’” for windows, tires, and “vermin” in his neighborhood.

May we all find the loves of our lives in such a romantic way!

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