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Steve Kornacki Is Your Gay MVP Breaking Down the Electoral College Map

Steve Kornacki is the MVP the Ever Changing Electoral College Map

If there's one bright spot of the gutwrenching process of watching the presidential race, it's Kornacki.

The votes are still being counted in ythis year's presidential election and the winner might not be known for quite some time, but the undisputed MVP of the spectacle so far has been MSNBC election analyst and geeky heartthrob Steve Kornacki. His mind is a rolodex of numbers and facts and historical precedents, and he's been the star of MSNBC's election coverage with his expert management of the constantly updated touchscreen electoral map.

Kornacki has a nerdy, All-American on-air persona, with a button-down shirt and tie (sleeves pushed up as the night wears on) and the glasses that make him look even more intelligent (and adorable). He regularly gets carried away in his analyses to the delight of viewers, inevitably leading him to zip across his touchscreen map, confusing even it. He will compare one state's current performance versus a previous election before effortlessly crossing the country to pull up a map and remind viewers how one small county's vote total could swing that state's election and the outcome of the entire race as well.

And let's not forget just how great this human calculator looks in those khakis when he turns his back to the camera. Perhaps that's why n their infinite editorial wisdom, MSNBC instituted a Kornacki Cam which followed the analyst as he examined his data and tested scenarios on his map during commercial breaks.

But he's breaking down some pretty important information to be clear! Shortly after Donald Trump declared victory Tuesday night, Kornacki broke down just how uncertain the election still was.

"The first and most important thing to say about these numbers though is that there are counties, there are a number of counties in Pennsylvania that announced before tonight that they were not even going to open the mail-in ballots that they received, before tomorrow," he explained. "There are many other counties in Pennsylvania that have only countd a small fraction of their mail-in ballots." The analyst explained that state laws kept those votes from even being opened until Tuesday.

These votes being up in the air, in counties that are expected to likely to lend towards Biden, mean that the state is still undecided. As Kornacki surmised, the election as a result is decidedly undecided.

The 41-year-old Kornacki came out in 2011. He is an avid sports fan, and his social media is filled with personal visits to various sporting events. He also seems refreshingly down to earth, a low-key man more interested in getting the data right rather than building up an image and personal following.

The election remains undecided and the country will remain in limbo until a winner is declared. While the uncertainty maybe unsettling, at least at gives us all a little more screen time with the Kornacki, the MVP of the election season.

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