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These Gay Dads Had Babies Three Weeks Apart Via Surrogacy

Terrell and Jarius Joseph

It was "quite the whirlwind,"

If you needed a feel-good story, Good Morning America has you covered. College sweethearts Terrell and Jarius shared their story of becoming fathers and building an audience of over one million followers on TikTok.

"We were looking for representation online for people that looked like us, just trying to become parents, homeowners, just getting out of college, all of that fun stuff and we unfortunately didn't see it," Terrell said in the feature. "So we just decided to fill the void and be the 'testers.'"

After graduating from college in 2015, the couple pretty quickly settled down into building out their family. After a May graduation, they bought a house the following July. By October, they were already pregnant via surrogacy.

It was "quite the whirlwind," Terrell admitted. Sadly, the pregnancy ended in a miscarriage which Jarius described as a "loss you never get over." And while the couple grieved their loss, and still feel the impact of the pregnancy, they continued on, finding another possible surrogate.

The new surrogate ended up being "everything we could have ever dreamt of," but she struggled to become pregnant. And while they couldn't bring themselves to cut their losses, the couple began to explore a third surrogate. In an unexpected twist, both surrogates became pregnant with the babies, Ashton and Aria, both being born weeks apart.

As a result of sharing their stories, the two dads have been able to quit their jobs to become fulltime content creators and dads.

"We wanted to show a little bit of diversity in same-sex parenting," Jarius said of their onus. The pair have taken to calling themselves the "CEOs of Dreams Come True" given their ability to persevere in the face of hardship. They continue to share their story (and funny content) across YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

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