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Out Astrology: Saturn & Venus Lighten Your Load

Out Astrology: Saturn & Venus Lighten Your Load

Out Astrology: Saturn & Venus Lighten Your Load
Stefan Piscitelli

Feel free to indulge in the stuff dreams are made of!

Lighten up, friends! Saturn is going to spend three years in the sign of Pisces, the zodiac’s consummate daydreamer. While the "Daddy Planet" might not be too happy about being in such a woo-woo sign, we all get to benefit from its transit through la-la land.

Saturn spent six years in Aquarius and Capricorn, its favorite signs, testing our limits and putting all of us through a global ringer. Hard times, yes, but if you're reading this you made it through. Fortunately, the more sensitive influence of Pisces relaxes Zaddy Saturn’s attitude about hard work. It’ll be less about cosplaying Sisyphus and more about manifesting our desires through determination.

Let's not get it twisted — Saturn will always be a "bootstraps" kind of presence in our lives. In Pisces, however, Saturn's work ethic reaches a more inspirational level of our lives. While Pisces loves to forego reality for fantasy, Saturn’s influence here will actually help to ground our dreaming, shape it from clay, and bring it to life.

Adding to the good vibes of the season, Venus is moving into earthy Taurus this week, one of the signs it rules. This is a sign that Venus can luxuriate and be deeply sensual. Think candle-lit bath sensual, complete with rose petals and a pint of ice cream.

Taurus rules the material realm, including money. With Venus in this sign, we may find some extra cash in our pockets to spend lavishly on ourselves. Or maybe more nondescript Venmo payments for materializing those dreams that Saturn is plucking out of Pisces's ocean of wonders.

Of course, there are pitfalls to every planetary placement. Saturn in Pisces makes us more susceptible to cult-like personalities -- so while we love Marianne 2024, let's pass on A Course In Miracles. (If you do dive into it, make sure your gummy hits first.) Similarly, Venus in Taurus can go overboard on the self-indulgence. It’s up to each of us, then, to find balance in all things and avoid extremes.

Some more cosmic assistance comes with Jupiter’s conjunction with Chiron in Aries for the next couple of months, though it will be most potent this week. This transit will boost the power of Saturn in Pisces to manifest your dreams, as long as you’re willing to take the risk. Rewards often only appear once sacrifices have been made. What will you let go of to make room for more good in your life?

All in all, the next few weeks are energized with the potential for discovering passion. Make love, make art, spend money, get laid, and, above all, dare to dream.

ARIES / ARIES RISING (March 21 – April 19)

Saturn in Pisces will impact your 12th House of Undoing, dispelling any delusions you might be harboring about expired relationships — especially your relationship with certain parts of yourself. Pull’em up by the root if you want to keep growing.

TAURUS / TAURUS RISING (April 20 – May 20)

With Saturn moving into your 11th House of Blessings, you might find yourself counting them indeed. It’s time to measure the depth of your commitments and choose only those that promise to elevate you instead of bringing you down.

GEMINI / GEMINI RISING (May 21 – June 20)

Saturn makes its way into your 10th House of Reputation, which brings up questions about who you are and who you want to be. Whatever dream you might be living that isn’t yours isn’t worth your time. True fulfillment is a task that’s all your own.

CANCER / CANCER RISING (June 21 – July 22)

Saturn is knocking on the door to your 9th House of Expansion. If you want to keep growing, you’ll have to let go of your ego, otherwise you’ll never be open to the wisdom that others can offer. Learn to listen… and don’t be so crabby.

LEO / LEO RISING (July 23 – Aug. 22)

With Saturn in Pisces affecting your 8th House of Exchange, prepare to have the rug pulled out from under you — but for a good purpose. Learning to live without a safety net is just the risk you need to evolve into a more successful version of yourself.

VIRGO / VIRGO RISING (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22)

Your 7th House of Relationship gets a stern lesson now that Saturn is stepping in. While you’re adept at giving, you could use a primer on the act of receiving gifts with grace. The only walls you need now are the ones you’re going to climb over.

LIBRA / LIBRA RISING (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22)

Saturn in Pisces is shaking things up for your 6th House of Health. Rediscover whatever rituals you’ve forsaken for the path of least resistance. If you truly desire something, you’re going to get it best through renewed routine and sheer will.

SCORPIO / SCORPIO RISING (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21)

With Saturn in your 5th House of Expression, you’ve got its full support as you bring joy and creativity back into your life. Whether it’s for developing romances or making art, tap into your potential and let that non-crazy part of you shine.


Saturn is moving into your 4th House of Home and asking where is your home, anyway? You are the zodiac’s consummate free spirit… but even you need a home address and a destination. Remember your roots and come back down to earth awhile.


As Saturn, your stern master, shifts into your 3rd House of Communication, expect a revision of your rulebook with a deep dive into the details of how you relate and why. Be discerning but not reclusive as you measure and edit your many modes.


With Saturn, your brow-beating daddy, now in your 2nd House of Value — after a long stint in your 1st House of Self — you’re focused more now on your self worth. Take stock of your gifts and demand the highest price for the gift that is you.

PISCES / PISCES RISING (Feb. 19 – March 20)

Saturn’s in your sign now and he is here to help you stop beating around your untamed bush. Dust off your dream stacks and select only those that you can use to climb out of the nebulous void you love to live in and reach the bright peak of who you can be.

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