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The Cast of XO, Kitty Reveals Their Favorite K-Pop Songs & Groups

The Cast of XO, Kitty Reveals Their Favorite K-Pop Songs & Groups

The Cast of XO, Kitty Reveals Their Favorite K-Pop Songs & Groups

Have you binged Kitty's new spin-off?

Kitty is in your area!

With one season complete, XO, Kitty is the hit spin-off from the To All the Boys film series that's giving fans everything they want and more.

In a recent interview with Out, the cast spilled on the show's most impactful moments, character developments, and which K-Pop bops are blasting behind the scenes. If you haven't watched the show just yet, be warned that there are major spoilers below.

Out: Congratulations on XO, Kitty! Let's dive into some of the biggest moments from the first season. Gia, your character has a big moment when she finally sticks up to her mother. What was filming that scene like?

Gia Kim: I knew that that was the most pivotal moment in the arc that [Yuri] has. Leading up to it, that was the scene that was always in the back of my mind. That was my favorite scene out of everything, obviously, because it's just a pivotal moment in someone's life when you know who you are and you're not afraid to say it. The moment you say it, it becomes real to other people too.

Minyeong Choi: I loved that scene. Even when I read the script, I loved it.

Gia: Me too!

Out: Minyeoung, your character definitely has a hard time finding love. Why do you think that is?

Minyeong: [Dae] really loves Kitty, but at the same time, he has to love his family, his younger sister, and he has to take care of his family. He has too much love [and] he's just too considerate.

Out: K-Pop is prominently featured in this new series. For each of you, who would you say is your favorite K-Pop artist?

Sang Heon Lee: The first thing that pops up in my mind is either BLACKPINK or BIGBANG. They have some banging songs.

Gia: I love Yuri's [BLACKPINK] intro song in the show. I got to go with BIGBANG too, because BIGBANG and 2NE1 were my high school go-to karaoke songs.

Minyeong: I'll go for BIGBANG then! I love all of their songs and they're just so cool.

Out: Before we go, this show is making such positive strides for the AAPI community in Hollywood and beyond. How amazing does it feel to connect with your fans and help bring more representation to the screen?

Gia: That is like the whole point of me being an actor. To be able to have someone watch what I do as a character and feel something or see themselves in it [is] a very self-reflective process. If someone can say that, then I did my job. That would be the biggest compliment.

XO, Kitty is streaming now on Netflix. To see the full interview with the cast, check out the video below.

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