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Love Island Fans Aren't Happy About Stefflon Don Mocking Mehdi's Sexuality

Love Island Fans Aren't Happy About Stefflon Don Mocking Mehdi's Sexuality

Stefflon Don; Mehdi Edno
Getty Images; Instagram (@mehdiedno)

The French contestant is currently coupled up with fellow islander Whitney.

Not very nice, innit?

British rapper and singer Stefflon Don recently appeared as a guest on the Love Island: Aftersun talk show hosted by Maya Jama. During her appearance, Don questioned the sexuality of Love Island season 10 contestant Mehdi Edno.

When asked by Jama to comment on Edno’s current coupling with Whitney Adebayo, Don fired back:

“I don’t know if he even likes females, I’m not going to lie. I’m not sure if he’s, you know… or [if] he likes both. He’s giving a bit of both.”

It’s a bit off-putting that a celebrity went on the official after-show of a dating competition series to throw in accusations about a contestant’s sexuality. Edno has only identified as straight on the show, which is all there is to it. If he were to feel any differently, this is definitely not the time or the place to discuss such matters outside of his purview.

There is also something inherently problematic about claiming that a guy might not be straight just because, like Edno, he has a softer demeanor, is respectful of women, and is taking things at a slower pace.

If Don’s point was to say that she doesn’t see a relationship blossoming between Edno and Adebayo, she could’ve just left it at that. However, questioning and mocking Edno’s sexuality on national television on one of the UK’s most-viewed reality shows isn’t exactly kind or fair.

The relationship between Love Island and LGBTQ+ topics is already contentious. Let’s hope this doesn’t go down as yet another bad chapter.

Love Island airs nightly on ITV and Hulu.

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