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Adore Delano Wants to Do All Stars Again, Explains AS6 Absence

Adore Delano Wants to Do All Stars Again, Explains AS6 Absence

Adore Delano
Instagram (@adoredelano)

The RuPaul’s Drag Race season six finalist wants another shot at All Stars.


Fans will never forget when ultimate RuPaul’s Drag Race fan-favorite Adore Delano came back to compete on All Stars 2 but decided to quit the season after getting harsh critiques from the judges. She was then rumored to be on All Stars 6, but allegedly didn’t compete in the season due to her Variety Show number not being cleared by production.

During an interview on Sissy That Talk Show, Delano confirmed to host Joseph Shepherd that she was indeed set to appear on All Stars 6 but pulled out after her Variety Show number wasn’t cleared. The queen explained:

“I said ‘yes’ last-minute and they couldn’t clear my talent show in time. I was going to spit fire, and I was going to break [things]. I had sugar bottles made, and I was going to put water in it and start breaking it over my head. It was going to be epic. They said I couldn’t spit fire but I could still [break sugar bottles]. But I was like, ‘No, I’m going to spit fire off the back of the guitar and break bottles over my head.’ But I couldn’t do it, so it’s gone now.”

When asked if she’d be open to returning for a future season of All Stars, Delano seemed pretty open to the idea. “Probably,” she declared. “But they have to let me do what I want to do.”

Given that all Drag Race seasons are filmed a year in advance, it’s probably too late now for Delano to join the cast of All Stars 8 – a season that’s supposedly entirely filmed already. With that said, this leaves room for Ms. Delano to potentially return for a subsequent season of the hit spinoff series, or even the Global All Stars edition that was recently announced.

We’ll always love Adore Delano and hope to see more of her on Drag Race!

Sissy That Talk Show With Joseph Shepherd airs Tuesdays on YouTube and MOM+.

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